The Hyderabad Walking Company offers bespoke and scheduled heritage and culinary walks and tours in the Old City of Hyderabad. We have specially curated tours that are designed to experience the best that Hyderabad has to offer.

Ranging from 2-hour tours to specific monuments to 4-hour and 10-hour tours, we have a tour for you if you have the time. We also offer complete customization of all our tours based on the time you have available, and your interests.

The Hyderabad Walking Company is the brainchild of Navin Sigamany, a photographer and heritage enthusiast who is passionate about sharing his city with locals and visitors alike.

Navin Sigamany
Navin Sigamany

“I’ve been taken by this city ever since I visited it for the first time on 2003. When I got an opportunity to move here for work in 2006, I dived right in. I’ve been showing people – both visitors and locals – around Hyderabad and its sights since then!”

After a decade with a technology giant, Navin struck out on his own, following his twin passions of photography and storytelling. A brief association delivering storytelling tours with RuddBuddy, a platform providing local experiences, helped him hone his craft, to the delight of many tour-goers.

Check out our offerings, and contact us if you want a bespoke tour for you or your group.