Virtual Experiences

We are bringing all our offerings online, and we will be adding them here as we launch them. All our virtual experiences are easily accessible from anywhere in the world, and requires just an internet enabled device with a decent internet connection.

Just like our in-person experiences, our virtual experiences are also guided by our highly acclaimed in-house experts.

All experiences are delivered over secure platforms and make use of a variety of audio and visual elements to give you a memorable experience.

The Qutb Shahi Tombs – A Royal Necropolis

A one-hour virtual walk through the necropolis of the Qutb Shahi rulers of Golconda.

Walk through the monumental tombs and learn about the lives and deaths of the kings of medieval India.

Golconda – The City of Diamonds

Go back five centuries in time to walk through the capital of the Golconda kingdom, a great center of trade, and the world’s source of diamonds.

Listen to stories about daily life in a medieval city frequented by travelers and traders from around the world.

The Siege of Golconda

The siege of Golconda is the ultimate chapter in the history of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, where the mighty walls of Golconda are no match for the tenacity of the Emperor of Hindustan.

The story of the siege begins more than a century before, and well before any of the protagonists were born.

This one-hour session takes you through the complexity of the relationship between the Mughals and the sultans of the Deccan, and the long series of events that culminated in the fall of Golconda.

Charminar – the Symbol of Hyderabad

The iconic monument of Charminar stands as the symbol of Hyderabad. Built during the city’s founding in 1591 CE, it is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

In a one hour virtual tour, we will explore the different levels of the monument, as well as listen to stories, legends and myths surrounding it and the city of Hyderabad.

Street View, photographs and videos will being the Charminar alive on this tour.

The Charminar

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