Old Hyderabad Food Walk – Evening Tour (3 hours)

3-hr food tasting walking tour that covers some of the best Old City Hyderabadi eateries. The tour will cover 6 different eateries with an optional extension to 3 more.

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Food is an integral part of being Hyderabadi, and there are a host of dishes peculiar to the city. In the oldest part of town are the best eateries with the choicest delicacies that define Hyderabadi cuisine. While the most visible and well-known dish of Hyderabad is the biryani, there are many other dishes that complement and supplement the King of Dishes!

In an evening walking tour lasting 3 hours, we will visit some of the best eateries serving Hyderabadi food and sample some delights and delicacies. From the local take on the famous paya to melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, from three types of chai to the famous Osmania biscuit – we will try out ten different dishes on the walk.


  • Paya Masala: The quintessential Hyderabadi breakfast is incomplete without a trencher of paya soaked up with the square Hyderabadi naan. This dish transforms the watery naan into a thicker masala and is eaten with a regular roti. You have to try it to believe it!
  • Bheja fry: The brain fry is a typical Hyderabadi accompaniment, and has tons of flavor
  • Kebabs: We try out and face off three varieties of kebabs against each other – which will be the winner. Is it one or the other? (Hint: It’s usually all three!)
  • Chai: Chai is the essential drink of India. In Hyderabad, we have our own special – it’s called Irani chai. Thick, sweet and served in tiny cups, it has driven millions of arguments and friendly conversations over the years. We try out a couple more types of chai and let you decide which you prefer.


This walk will be around a bunch of eateries in the Charminar area

We will meet at the local favorite, Hotel Nayaab, and walk around from there.

We will visit at least 6 places, eating and drinking uniquely Hyderabadi food as well as Indian favorites. We might stop at a couple of extra street food places if they are available.

Things to Note


  • Guide throughout the tour
  • Small portions of all dishes
  • Bottled water
  • Wet wipes and tissues
  • A souvenir to take home at the end of the tour!


  • Any personal expenses

Things to Carry

  • Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear – we will be on the street a lot
  • Bring your appetite – we will be consuming food equivalent to a full meal on the walk


Tour Cost

1 Person: Rs. 4500

2 Persons: Rs. 3500 per person

3 Persons: Rs. 3000 per person

4 Persons and above: Rs. 2500 per person


Air-conditioned transport from and to your hotel – Rs. 2500 (1 to 2 guests) / Rs. 3500 (3 to 5 guests)

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