Hidden Treasures of the Salar Jung Museum

One of India’s National Museums, the Salar Jung Museum is a treasure-house of interesting artefacts from around the world. Centred around the collection of a single person, the collection has since grown into one of the most historically and culturally significant ones in the world.

Duration: 1 hour
Platform: Zoom
What you need: An internet-enabled device with a decent internet connection
Recommended: Headphones and your favorite snack and beverage!

The Veiled Rebecca, the statue of Mephistopheles and the century-old bracket clock that stil keeps time are the three “must-see” exhibits that everyone makes a beeline for when they visit the Salar Jung museum. However, this is nowhere near a good representation of what is on offer, neither are these the most precious of the items in the collections.

In a one-hour virtual exhibition, we will walk around the collections of the Salar Jung museum and explore a dozen artefacts that are more precious and historically and culturally significant than the more famous ones. From paintings by Indian and European masters to personal items of the Mughal emperors, from thousand-year-old manuscripts to gifts from the Sun King of France – the treasures we will explore are truly mind-blowing!

The entire tour is on Zoom, where we will use Google Street View to immerse ourselves in the exhibits. I will also share images from my personal collection during this experience.

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